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India is at the cusp of major change. PwC's landmark report titled 'Future of India - The Winning Leap' launched today revealed the winning solutions required to lead India to unprecedented economic growth coupled with radical improvements in the Human Development Index (HDI) over the next two decades. The report emphasises that for India to take the Winning Leap and grow its GDP by 9% per annum to become a US$10 trillion economy, a concerted effort from Corporate India, supported by a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and a constructive partnership with the government will play a critical role.

The report analyses that up to 40% of India's US$10 trillion economy of 2034 could be derived from new solutions. The study stresses that 'The Winning Leap' should not be limited to a new approach or solution but rather needs to be seen as a 'play-to-win' mind set shift for industry leaders and the country overall.

A young demographics, paired with a burgeoning middle-class that is digitally enabled; is a once in a lifetime opportunity for India to develop economically and socially, said Dennis Nally, Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers International. "India can only build shared prosperity for its 1.25 billion people by transforming the way the economy creates value. For India, to create 10-12 million jobs every year in the coming decades, corporations and entrepreneurs must work together to help deliver new solutions and build capabilities for growth.

The research suggests that Winning Leap solutions from private sector fall within three broad categories..

1. Fierce Catch-Up - This entails following traditional approaches or technologies to surmount challenges, but at an accelerated pace. For example: Improving energy transmission and distribution efficiency.

2. Significant Leap - This involves adopting new or different approaches or technologies, which may have been developed elsewhere but would also work in India. For example: Shifting from coal-based power generation to nuclear or solar energy.

3. Leapfrog - This represents a radically different approach - a paradigm shift - that entails applying a new and potentially disruptive business model. For example: Moving from central to distributed power generation .

According to the report, if each sector of the Indian economy executes solutions drawn from all three categories, it will expand fivefold and can achieve 9-10% sustained economic growth over the next 20 years in a resource efficient manner.

Asia share markets are headed for a slightly better year after 2014's low returns, but bigger gains will come from seeking reform beneficiaries in China and India, Goldman Sachs said.

"2014 has been another year with an unexciting headline return," with the MSCI Asia Pacific ex-Japan index (MXAPJ) up only around 3 percent after a selloff in September wiped out earlier gains, Goldman said in a report Monday. But after the recent "concentrated" outflows, overall positioning in the region appears light, it said.

In addition, many Asia ex-Japan active funds are up only around an average 2.4 percent so far this year, underperforming the MXAPJ, it said.

"Performance pressure so far and a desire to amplify returns could drive broader re-risking from active funds," Goldman said.

But even so, Goldman only expects the MXAPJ will rise to 520 by the end of 2015, compared with around 477 currently, for a single-digit return, amid conservative earnings growth forecasts and expectations valuations are already full.

Goldman sees "pockets of opportunity" to boost returns in the region, such as reform plays.

"We expect the reform momentum to gather pace next year and if implemented effectively, improve investor confidence in growth and corporate profitability," it said, with India, China and Indonesia among the beneficiaries.

The key areas of focus for reform next year are likely to be state-owned enterprises, fiscal reforms, anti-pollution (in China), public sector undertakings [government-owned corporations], power and banking reforms (in India), and infrastructure spending (in Indonesia).

Goldman rates China shares at Overweight, expecting a "solid" 14 percent by the end of 2015 and a 12,300 target on the HSCEI index, with the central bank's decision Friday to cut interest rates likely to help sentiment near-term. The HSCEI is currently trading around 10,757.

In India, it expects the reforms started by the new administration will gather pace, adding the economy may benefit the most in the region from lower oil prices flowing through to its current account, fiscal deficit and inflation.

Overall, Goldman rates India at overweight, with a 9500 target for the Nifty index, which is currently trading around 8530. It also expects the country's internet sector could show "outsized" gains over the next few years amid rising internet and smartphone penetration, while logistics and packaging plays could also benefit from e-commerce

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